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Visual, shareable and engaging infographics.

Growing Library of Sharable Infographics

FreshPlan combines over 75 financial calculators with a growing library of over 75 engaging financial infographics that illustrate a vast array of financial planning topics.

Communicate Complex Concepts
Not everyone has the time or desire to read long-form content. Financial Infographics are an effective way to take complex ideas, filled with data and facts and simplifying the story using with visuals. In fact, when clients and prospects gain insights quickly, the content is more memorable.

Stay Connected Year-Round
Financial infographics are a valuable tool to help stay connected to clients and prospects all year. Whether on social media, email, or as part of a financial plan, they’re a great way to share information with others. Current and topical, each infographic is easy to share on their own or as part of a financial plan.


Budget 2023

Canadian Budget infographic is a sharable reference of important highlights affecting personal finances and small businesses.

Commuted Pension

November 15th, 2022|0 Comments

Pension Considerations infographic illustrates some of the pros and cons of taking regular pension payments or a lump sum commuted value.

  • Tax Loss Selling Infographic

Tax Loss Selling

November 8th, 2022|0 Comments

This infographic outlines what tax loss selling is, the benefits for investors, and illustrates the superficial loss rule.

Best Time to Invest

October 25th, 2022|0 Comments

When it comes to building wealth, the biggest cost you will face is the cost of waiting to invest.

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