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Web-based Financial Planning Software

Powerful, easy-to-use financial planning software for Financial Advisors and Insurance Professionals.

Calculate, educate and create financial plans in minutes instead of hours using visual planners, calculators and infographics that clients and prospects will understand.

Easy-to-use, modular, financial software

Easily calculate, explain and reinforce complex financial concepts with a secure, online app accessible from any browser or device.


Intuitive, powerful software

FreshPlan combines 75 calculators with powerful infographics to provide advisors with a visual, easy-to-use, time saving planning and education tool. Spend more time with clients and less time learning software.

View a sample financial plan.


Pick up where you left off seamlessly.

Access FreshPlan anywhere you have Internet access, anytime using any device – phone, tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop.

Since 1996, Ativa Interactive has been developing software, financial calculators and infographics for financial advisors, professionals, and corporations.

Share Personalized Infographics

Choose from a growing library of educational infographics covering the concepts your clients and prospects need most when they are making important financial considerations.

What FreshPlan users are saying

Our MFDA salespeople were selling mutual funds to our clients and did not have the tools to discuss a members goals and financial plan. Fresh plan has allowed our Credit Union to have a wholistic conversation with our members and present them with a professional financial plan that they can reference, update and moves with the client on their financial journey.

Geoff Cook, Manager, Wealth Advisory

FreshPlan is easy to use, fast and easy to understand for the clients. It avoids clustering the data and making it look complicated.

Saqib Khan, Wealth Specialist

I’ve been a long time user of this program and appreciate the timely, relevant content that is so well put together it is a seamless process for compliance approval.

Marie Phillips, Wealth Advisor

FreshPlan and the infographics are presented in a way that is easy to explain and relate to the clients. Clients get it, and are not overwhelmed or intimidated with the presentation.

Scott Smith, Certified Financial Planner

The reports are really user-friendly, and it’s easy to add in concepts for extra information. And with the new developments, it’s getting easier to use all the time. I can now do a high-level retirement plan with a client in less than 15 minutes! They love it, as do I.

Mariska Reinerink, Financial Planner

FreshPlan is my go to reference tool for showing clients current financial infographics and calculating financial planning modules that are specific to their needs.

Bill Southall, Senior Financial Planning Advisor

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