Personal Insurance Infographic

The FreshPlan Personal Insurance infographic highlights the many insurance options and how they can protect you and your family depending on your needs.

“Life insurance and living benefits all play an important role in a comprehensive financial plan.”

The Personal Insurance infographic explores personal health insurance through life coverage and supplementary living benefits.

Life Insurance
There are generally two main kinds of life insurance protection – Term and Permanent. Term insurance provides protection for a specified period of time and has certain advantages. One use for term insurance is to cover the term of your mortgage.

Permanent life insurance is another type of policy that provides you with lifelong coverage and come with it’s own advantages.

Living Benefits
There are several types of insurance options that can help protect you in various ways. Disability insurance helps to protect your income should you become unable to work due to a disability. Critical Illness insurance can offer a lump sum payment to use where you most need it while you focus on recovery. Long term care insurance helps to supplement the increasing costs of aging.

Proper planning will help to ensure that you and your family have enough money to pay debts, pay the daily bills and ensure there are enough funds to live on. The FreshPlan Personal Insurance infographic explores why individuals need protection and helps to explain the following complex insurance concepts:

  • How Much is Enough Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

FreshPlan Personal Insurance Calculators

To assist with your financial planning, FreshPlan financial planning software offers financial and insurance professionals personal insurance calculators including:

  • Life Insurance Needs
  • Disability Insurance Needs
  • Critical Insurance Needs

Infographic Features

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  • Current and timely for client communications
  • One of many infographics included in FreshPlan software

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