High Ratio Mortgage Infographic

For clients who may be looking to buy a new home, this High Ratio Mortgage infographic illustrates how high ratio mortgages work including down payment options, amortization periods and how the insurance works.

More money is borrowed in an insured mortgage because of a smaller down payment, so more interest is paid. As a result, a high ratio mortgage costs more.

With real estate booming, it’s more difficult than ever to have a 20% down payment for a new home. A high ratio mortgages is a mortgage loan higher than 80% of the lending value of the property.

This high ratio mortgage infographic pairs well with FreshPlan Mortgage calculators including:

  • Mortgage Affordability Calculator
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • High Ratio Mortgage Insurance
  • and more

Infographic Features

  • Communicate complex concepts with vibrant, sharable, easy-to-understand infographics
  • Personalized for individual Advisors
  • Current and timely for client communications
  • One of many infographics included in FreshPlan software

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