Cash Flow Statement Infographic

This Cash Flow Statement Infographic outlines how you can control your financial affairs through a cash flow statement. A fillable PDF allows your clients to get working on their cash flow from home.

“Budgeting and tracking your expenses gives you a strong sense of where household money goes and can help reach financial goals, whether your clients are saving for a down payment on a house, paying down credit cards or saving for retirement.”

This Cash Flow Statement Infographic will help start the conversation with clients to determine exactly how much money they have, where their money is allocated and how close they you to reaching their goals.
This infographic works well with the Financial Management Calculators in FreshPlan software including:

  • Cash Flow Calculator
  • Net Worth Calculator
  • Investor Profile Questionnaire
  • Saving to Reach  a Goal Calculator
  • Present Value Calculator
  • and more

Infographic Features

  • Communicate complex concepts with vibrant, sharable, easy-to-understand infographics
  • Personalized for individual Advisors
  • Current and timely for client communications
  • One of many infographics included in FreshPlan software

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